IPL vs Laser – Differences & The Better One?

Can’t get off the confusion of IPL vs Laser? Both are long-term hair removal methods that are meant to minimize hair growth. Besides halting the regrowth of hairs, they also reduce the thickness and growth speed of remaining hairs.

Both IPL and laser treatment works on the same principle that is to use light energy to heat hair root and damage follicle, which slows down hair growth and even prevents hair regrowth. Though the light source used in both methods is different.

Furthermore, both procedures can be done at home as well as in the clinic. But don’t expect that you will be hair-free right after the treatment as it will take a few days to shed hairs.

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IPL vs Laser, How are they Different?


They use broad-spectrum visible light that means the IPL device uses a light consisting of different wavelengths that produce a single white flash. It spreads out naturally and can cover more surface areas, and thus it is effective in treating large areas at once.

Consequently, it takes little time as compared to the laser hair removal treatment and is cheaper too. Though, with the IPL you will require more sessions than that of laser to get similar results to that of fewer sessions of laser.

In the IPL treatment light spread out, so it is suitable for the ones having a pale or light-colored skin as darker skin absorbs more light because of the high quantity of melanin pigment just like dark hairs, so there is a chance of skin heating.


In laser treatment, single-wavelength light is used that does not spread and target a single point. Moreover, it can be controlled and have the ability to travel long distances.

All these characteristics make the laser procedure the right choice for localized hair removal. In this procedure, the light goes deep down into the pores with a concentrated blast of light hit the follicle and damage single hair, thus giving more quick and effective results than that of IPL.

Contrary to IPL hair removal procedure, laser hair removal is suitable for darker skin as it is more specific and hit a single hair strand. Though IPL treatment takes less time, Laser treatment gives results in fewer sessions.

Besides fewer sessions required, it is expensive than IPL hair removal treatment.

Which one is suitable for me? Are you still confused?

Let us make it easier for you.

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  • Less Expensive
  • Session Time is fast
  • More sessions required
  • Suitable for Paler skin
  • Expensive than IPL
  • Session time is long
  • Fewer sessions required
  • Suitable for darker skin
  • Results are quick
  • Specific and more precise


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