Epilator Vs Waxing – Make Your Skin Silky Smooth

If you’re the person, who is also confused between two hair removal methods, Epilator Vs Waxing, well, Don’t Worry. We have finally decided to give complete detail to overcome this confusion.

So let’s find out first,

What is an Epilator?

An epilator is an electronic device mainly used for Hair removal Process. It is equipped with several Tweezers which are rotating in the opposite direction. These tweezers vary from 20 to 100 in various epilators. Some come with minimum tweezers however some are equipped with many.

What is Waxing?

Waxing is the most ancient hair removal method. By Waxing, we spread some gel-like wax on our body where it is affected by the hair. Now to remove that hair, the wax strip is pulled upwards and in the opposite direction of the hair. This might be a painful process for the beginners as well as the ones who can’t bear the pain.

Waxing was introduced centuries ago; a combination of honey and wax was used to treat the affected hairy area.

The Best Option, Epilator or Waxing?

Both are efficient and effective, but it varies from person to person. But we will discuss the main pros and cons so that you can select the best method for you.

Let’s dig in!!

Time Consuming:

If we talk about an epilator, it hardly needs 30-40 minutes to make your affected area silky smooth completely. But there is only one condition, that specific Epilator should not be an ordinary local epilator because the quality of an epilator depends very much.

Let me assure you epilators were only introduced to make the hair removal fast and smooth, and that’s the reason they have done their job.

Whereas, Waxing is the process which consumes much time, why? It’s because once you wax your body, you need to clean the skin surface from gell, you have to make sure the hygiene. The cleanliness and starting up the process of Waxing make the whole process very time-consuming.

But if you visit a beauty salon for a waxing session, it can hardly take 10-15 minutes, and the whole process is much quicker than that of home treatment only if you can afford to go to a salon every wax-session.

Effectiveness and Precision:

Waxing is known for centuries due to its effectiveness. But there is a drawback of it; sometimes when we pull the strip, hair is missed and broken which causes the irritation and redness of the skin. To overcome this, we have to wait several weeks for the regrowth of hair because Waxing may leave behind very tiny and fine hair.

Epilators are very precise devices. If any hair strands are left behind, we can immediately pull them out from the roots in the second pass. And hair removal from roots makes the follicle very weak, which ultimately means next time hair will be grown but slowly. They can remove hair as small as 0.5mm.

Which one is better for sensitive skin?

Waxing is quite a painful process for the ones having sensitive skin. They need to go to a professional beauty-salon for the waxing process to avoid any injuries. Or else, find a quality gel for your skin which won’t irritate your affected area.

However, quality epilators can solve this problem for sensitive skin owners. They are made specifically for this purpose. They do not need to go to any salon, just an epilator with useful features can do the job.

What is more costly?

Several waxing sessions in a salon, all the year, can cost as around a hundred dollars. You can also buy some waxing strips and gel, but they may last only a few months after several sessions.

To be very honest, buying a high-quality epilator can save your money as it will be your one-time investment for a lifetime. A good epilator survives 3-4 years easily.


Deep inside, we all know, without lying to ourself, Both are quite painful. But there are some pre-requisites to made for painless epilation. Epilators allows us to epilate in wet conditions also. So if you epilate in the right way, pain can be minimized.

After several epilation processes, pain starts decreasing each time we epilate.

Coming to the Waxing, it is also a painful procedure. If you’re a beginner, we will never suggest you go for Waxing being done by yourself, and you can hurt your skin. If you still want to have a waxing session, try a professional salon.

How to Use:

Talking of epilators, it’s effortless and easy to use, and you just have to move the epilator opposite in the direction of hair growth. Good epilators can remove your hair in a single pass whereas, and some epilators take several passes.

Whereas Waxing is a difficult job if you’re a beginner, as we said earlier, we do not recommend Waxing. The preparations and cleanliness make it a hectic task.


They both have substantial competition. We have provided almost every pro and con. Epilator or Waxing both may not give you the excellent result if you do not apply it correctly. We hope you are now well equipped with the knowledge of both and can now select the best method for yourself.

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