Do epilators cause ingrown hairs? – A myth solved finally!!

No, they don’t! But yours do? It’s either your epilator is not of high quality, or you are not using it correctly. Also, if you aren’t taking care of the skin adequately, such as exfoliating skin regularly, can be the reason too. We will answer your question “Do epilators cause ingrown hairs?” in this article.

See, epilators are meant to pull out hairs from the roots like that of waxing, but sometimes in doing so, they fail in yanking out hairs and instead hairs breakdown and curl inwards causing ingrown hairs. Now several reasons cause ingrown hairs, some of the commonly seen are below:

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Low-Quality Epilators:

Sometimes epilators are of low quality with a lesser number of tweezers. They couldn’t pick many hairs, and sometimes they grab hairs, but instead of pulling hairs from roots, they break off. Consequently, cause ingrown hairs.

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Using Epilator the Wrong Way:

Despite having a high-quality epilator, if you are still looking for this question “Do epilators cause ingrown hairs” answer then definitely you are using the epilator in the wrong way. You are supposed to keep the epilator at 90 degrees to your skin, keeping the epilator head flat on your skin so it can grab hair closer to the root and pull without breaking hair midway.

Also, make sure to hold your skin taut before epilation because when your skin is loose, it not only cause pain but also results in ingrown hairs. So it is good to stretch your skin with one hand while gliding the epilator on a supposed surface with other the hand.

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Try Exfoliation:

Skin exfoliation is one of the best ways to avoid ingrown hairs. Exfoliation is done to remove the upper dry, dead skin which usually lets the hairs curled back into the top layer of skin and cause ingrown hairs. The best is to exfoliate your skin before epilation.

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