Best Way To Use an Epilator – Epilation Tips And Use Of Lotion

There are so many hair removal methods and epilation is one of them, and we call it the best one. Why? We will find it out and also the Best way to use an epilator.

Stay with me!

The best thing about epilation is that it doesn’t allow the hair to grow back in a week or two. Hair growth starts reducing time by time. And eventually, it vanishes forever for some lucky people!

Best Way To Use An Epilator?

Epilators mostly come in two types; either they are wet, dry, or BOTH. Now what’s their purpose, we will discuss it in detail further. Let’s Begin!

Step 1. Take Hot Shower & Exfoliate:

We always recommend to take a shower and exfoliate your skin before the process of hair removal. It removes the dead skin cells from your skin and frees you of any ingrown hairs. Whereas, hot water shower will help you in opening up of your skin pores, which makes the epilation really easy and smoothy by making it less painful.

Step 2. Always Keep Warm:

For example, you’re epilating your legs, then you should probably warm your other leg which you’re not epilating yet.  Keep the other leg warm as it is really painful if you have goosebumps which actually tightens the opened pores again and epilator starts catching the skin.

So to avoid this, warming up is necessary for painless and smooth hair removal by placing your other leg in a warm blanket or something like that.

Step 2. Always Keep Warm:

Why we recommend epilating in the evenings? There’s only one reason when we epilate, the skin becomes red and itchy somehow and this doesn’t look good if we are going out in shorts.  Now to calm the affected skin, we really need our skin to breathe.

So we should always epilate before bedtime or when we have no plans to go out. And then leave our skin overnight to recover from the redness. This is one of the best ways to use an epilator.

Step 4. Pulling the Skin Tight:

Epilating is almost the same as Shaving. You have to move the epilator on the skin opposite to the growth of hair so the redness is reduced and less painful.  Just pull your skin tight as possible and epilate on the affected area, it will reduce the pain and precision of epilation will be higher.

Step 5. Get a Tweezer’s pair:

You really gonna need it, even though you have taken a shower and exfoliated but still, if you see any ingrown hair, you can immediately pluck it by the help of tweezers. So always remember to place it on your desk!

Step 6. DO  NOT SHAVE:

Sometimes we shave in a hurry by saying that we will epilate later. DO NOT DO THIS !! Believe me, this is actually like a reset button once you do this, you are going to have the same pain when epilating as you had the first time. So, do not mix match the shaving and epilating.

Yes, if you can survive the pain then it is not a problem for you. You can go for it.

Step 7. A final Great TIP:

If you are in no hurry, we recommend waiting for at least 3 weeks before you epilate again. Till then, your hair grows back long enough and trust me epilating long hair is much painless as compared to the tiny ones. Because the tweezers can grip them easily. Also, Longer hair is much softer than the tiny hair.



So these were the epilating tips and Best way of using an epilator. If you have any further tips and personal experience about epilation you can hit us back in the comment section, we will be glad to hear about it.

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