Best Hair Removal Methods – How Long Depilatory Cream Last

Unwanted hair is a big problem. Are you confused between the best hair removal methods? Everyone has a different body type, and everyone has different needs. Therefore there are various methods to choose from. All you have to do is read this article and then decide accordingly. There are a lot of options in the market. Some may work well for you, and some may be best for others.

Best Hair Removal Methods

In this article, we have categorized into temporary hair removal methods and permanent hair removal methods.

Temporary Hair Removal Methods

The Following are some temporary methods.


One of the easiest and cheapest best hair removal methods available in the market is shaving. All you have to do is buy a razor and start removing the unwanted hairs. Shaving is widely used. It won’t be wrong to say that shaving is one of the fastest methods.

Moreover, it is also one of the most painless ways. However, you have to look at some safety precautions. You are at risk of getting minor cuts. Your skin can also be exposed to germs if it isn’t properly sterilized.

It is a temporary method. It only cuts hair from above the skin, so chances of getting hair back in very less time is a concern.


Epilating is just like shaving or threading. An electric machine is used to do the required job. You can use it anytime. It is easy to handle and works best for normal skin. However, for sensitive skin, it may cause some problems, as it is comprised of many tweezers. Braun Silk Epil 9 – 890 is one of the best product which will help you in best epilating experience.

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Hair removal creams

This method is quite common in women. You only have to apply the lotion or cream for a few minutes and then rinse it with water. Many different companies are producing such creams. They are different for each skin type. When purchasing such a cream, do read the description.

It will help you choose better for your skin. But these creams have some disadvantages too. Companies use several chemicals in its making. It can irritate sensitive skin. They also have a bad odor. The hair will require very little time to grow back.


Waxing is a very efficient method. It removes hair from the roots. As a result, the growth of hair is slow. The results can be seen for up to 4 weeks. Hot wax and cold wax are two of its main types. The easiest of these are pre-made wax strips. Comparatively, this method is a bit painful. Furthermore, for some people waxing is hard to handle, and they find difficulty doing it themselves.


We mostly do threading to remove facial hair. Eyebrow shaping and removal of unwanted hair from upper lips can be best done with threading. It has fewer safety concerns. It is the most suitable form for sensitive skin, but it is time-consuming. And sometimes can lead to irritation. The results can last long because it plucks the hair from roots.

Permanent hair removal methods

The best hair removal method for permanently removing the hair is laser treatment. Laser treatment is an expensive method. It involves a few sessions of treatment before the hair is gone forever. Laser light is used to target the hair follicles. It stops new hair from growing.

Other methods may include some medicines that slow down the growth of hair. But this may have some side effects on your health. So we won’t suggest them.


Best hair removal methods only depend on your body type. Before choosing any of the ways mentioned above, you need to see your demands. Some are cheap, some are easy, and some are less time-consuming.

You also need to see your skin type and pattern of hair growth. This may help you decide what works best for your body type. You will also need to look at your affordability.

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