Best Epilator UK 2020 – Top Rated Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you are tired of ingrown hairs that are the result of razors or tired of the stickiness that waxing gives then, you got to get yourself a Best Epilator UK. Trust us, if you haven’t tried it before you should now.

Wait, are you hesitant because of the fuss out there about the horrific pain it gives?

If yes, then you have to believe us! It will hurt in the beginning, but once you get used to it, there will be no going back. Also, you can find yourself an epilator that hurts less or can find a way to make the process a little less painful.

Beware! Invest wisely.

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Best Epilator UK

Below we have compiled the Best epilator UK list where we have reviewed some of the valuable epilators. This list is followed by the buyer’s guide that will help you select the best epilator for yourself. So before investing in an epilator, we would recommend you to go through this.

List of Best Epilators UK

Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex 9-100
Braun Silk-épil 9 9-561
Panasonic ES-ED93
Braun Silk-épil 5-820
Braun FaceSpa 851V
Hangsun Epilator F230

1. Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex 9-100 – Beauty SetBraun Silk épil 9 Flex 9-100

The first epilator in our list of Best Epilator UK is Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex 9-100, it is one of our personal favourites for its excellent epilation capability. Not only us, but it has received a lot of strong reviews.

Let me tell you; it is not only a hair removal machine but is a complete beauty set, so if you want to pamper yourself, you must check this one.

Let’s dive in


  • Fully Flexible Epilation Head
  • Wide Epilation Head
  • Wet & Dry Use
  • Shaver and Trimmer Head
  • Face Spa Kit
  • Good Battery Time
  • SensoSmart Technology
  • Expensive
  • Cordless Use only
  • Face Spa device is Single AA Battery operated

Key Features

Epilation Head:

To yank out hairs, the head is equipped with 40 tweezers that are supposed to pluck more hairs in a single swipe and give you flawless, smooth skin for weeks.

Fully Flexible Head:

One of the best features that make it stand out is its fully flexible head. Its head can flexibly move in all directions, thus making it reach all the areas smoothly and follows all the body curves making hair removal more effortless.

Senso Smart Technology:

With its Senso Smart Technology, it smartly guides you through the session and lets you put the right amount of pressure so that you can have better results. A red light would pop up to alert you if you applied extra pressure on the epilator.

Shaver Head and Trimmer Cap:

You don’t have to spend extra bucks on an electric shaver if you need one as it can function as a fully functional electric shaver by merely switching the heads. Also, it is accompanied by a trimmer cap, which is one useful add on because you need to trim hairs to the perfect length before epilation for effective hair removal and to avoid breakage.

Face Spa Kit:

Besides precision caps, it also brings along additional brushes and pads to cleanse, exfoliate, and massage. It has a separate brush for sensitive skin and even a beauty sponge to apply creams and other such stuff, making it a complete face spa kit.

For all these beauty attachments, it has its body that operates on a single AA battery.

Wet & Dry Use:

It is 100% waterproof, so use it under running water or with your favourite shower gel or foam without bothering about anything.

Smart Light:

It has a built-in smart light to help you track down and illuminate extra fine or blond hairs that are otherwise hard to see.


It is a cordless device that needs two hours to charge fully and operates for 50 minutes with a full charge.


It is an amazingly superb epilator that works excellent, and what we love the most is its super flexible head that allows for maximum hair removal and effortless usage of the machine.

Though it is as expensive as it is excellent in its job, if you are looking for a hair removal device only and don’t care about the face spa kit, then you may look for any other epilator at a reasonable price.

But if you have money and want to pamper yourself, then grab it, ladies! It is the only device of our Best Epilator UK list having complete Beauty Set.


2. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-561 Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561

The second epilator that made its way to our best epilators UK list is the Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-561.

It is not only pretty in look but is ergonomically designed in a curved shape with a wide pivoting head to be used on the body wherever you want.

So let’s have a quick overview of some of the key features.



  • Wide Epilation Head
  • Wet & Dry USe
  • Shaver and Trimmer Head
  • Good Battery Time
  • LED Light
  • Can’t Use while Plugged In
  • No exfoliation brushes or massage Pad
  • Bit expensive

Key Features

Wide Epilation Head:

Its epilation head is wider than the previous models with 40 tweezers that makes it suitable for large areas such as legs and arms. Large epilation head means more tweezers resultantly more hair removal in fewer passes.

Pulsating vibration:

Braun incorporated massage rollers that are meant to gently stimulate your skin with pulsating vibrations so that you feel minimum discomfort during epilation.

Pivoting Head:

The epilation head is pretty much flexible that can rotate and smoothly follows the contours of your body. The pivoting head makes it easy to use and lets you reach the trickier parts without much of the effort.

Shaver Head & Trimmer Cap:

This brings along a shaver head and a trimmer cap that gives a close shave. If you want to trim long hairs short or need an electric shaver to shave a certain area, then simply replace the epilation head with the shaver head, and you can have the experience of a fully functional electric shaver.

Smart Light:

The smart light is placed right beneath the head to illuminate fine hairs that are otherwise hard to see. This LED light is one remarkable feature that helps to track down and pick all hairs to bless you with silky smooth skin.


It is a cordless model that needs to be recharged before use. It gives 40 minutes of run-time after one hour of charging. This cordless feature makes it portable and convenient to use.

Wet & Dry Use:

It is not only rechargeable but a 100% waterproof device that makes it suitable to use in both dry and wet conditions. If you are afraid of pain, then take it in a warm shower with you, and you will feel much less pain though epilating dry is more efficient and neat.

Personalized Speed Settings:

This allows you to set the speed between gentle or more efficient epilation. This feature is handy for beginners, and also it gives you the confidence to use the device on different areas of your body.

Six Extra Attachments:

Including shaver and trimmer cap, it brings along a total of six extra attachments.


It may seem costly to you, but trust me, once you use it, you will realize that it worths the price. If you are looking for an epilator that is efficient, effective and has all the necessary attachments for extra precision, then you better go for it. It is the best choice for both the beginners and the one’s pro in using epilators.


3. Panasonic ES-ED93  Panasonic ES-ED93

Here we present our third pick for our best epilators UK list, and that is from none other than the Panasonic range, which gives us some of the least painful epilators available out there in the market.

Panasonic ES-ED93 is one such epilator that is not only efficient but also less painful. Trust me; if you are new to the world of epilation, you would love to try this one.

It is a beautifully designed oval-shaped epilator in pink colour that is quite comfortable to hold and use. Moreover, it’s a full-body epilator so you can use it anywhere, be it legs, arms, underarms, bikini region, or even face.

Curious to know more?


  • Double Disc Epilation Head
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • 60 degrees pivoting head
  • Shaver Head
  • Foot Care Head
  • LED Light
  • It cannot be used while plugged in.

Key Features

Double disc head with 48 tweezers:

Its epilation head consists of dual discs having 48 tweezers arranged on both collectively for a faster hair removal purpose. With this giant head, it makes sure to remove more hair in less time and gives you smoother skin for a longer time.

Pivoting Head:

Its epilation head is kept flexible that can pivot up to 60 degrees, which lets it follow all the body curves and gives you the best result by reaching even the trickiest parts.

Personalized Speed Settings:

This allows you to set the epilation speed either at normal or soft, keeping in mind your need or preference. This feature is beneficial for the newbies and also when you are using it on the sensitive areas.

Smart Light:

This one has a built-in LED light that guides you while you are moving the device on your skin and illuminates fine hairs and ensures maximum hair removal.

Wet & Dry Use:

It gives you the freedom to use it in both wet and dry conditions as per your comfort. You can use it under running water, or you can pour shower gel on the head directly to make the foam and epilate with minimum discomfort.

Skin Protector:

The unique skin guard is another remarkable feature that holds the skin taut and ensures that the epilator only pulls the hairs and not the skin; thus, it saves and protects the skin.

Foot Care Head:

It comes with a foot care head, which helps in getting rid of dead, dry skin. Being electric, it exfoliates much better than the manual exfoliation leaving your skin fresh,

smooth, and soft.

Shaver Head or trimmer cap:

It also allows you to shave or trim hairs as it contains a shaver head and a trimmer cap too. All you have to do is to replace the heads and get your work done.


It needs one hour of charging for 30 minutes of run-time. It is a Rechargeable model so you can use it cordless without worrying about sitting in one place near the power socket.

Six attachments:

It brings along six different accessories in total that are meant not only to provide you with extra precision while removing hairs but also pampers your skin by giving you the option of exfoliation. Thus making sure your hair removal and exfoliation needs are fulfilled within one single device.


Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned user, this one is an excellent choice for both as we found this one to be doing its job with minimum pain. As we all know, epilation and pain go side by side, but still, we all look for the ways to get the minimum discomfort, and with this epilator, you will surely have to feel a little less pain than many of its counterparts.

Also, You can use it in the shower or with shoer gel for further reducing the pain. What we love the most is its pivoting head that is truly a blessing when using it on tricky parts like knees. Besides large areas like legs and arms, it does well on bikini areas and underarms. Foot care head is a bonus!


4. Hangsun Epilator F230  Hangsun Epilator F230

Our fourth epilator in the Best epilator Uk list is Hangsun F230, which is a di-functional hair removal device that means it works not only as an epilator but also as an electric shaver.

The size and sleek design make it quite handy and user-friendly. It is a full-body epilator that can be used anywhere, including face and bikini area. Moreover, it provides you with all the necessary features.

So let’s get down to it.


  • Detachable Heads
  • Two-speed options
  • LED Light
  • Cordless
  • Dry Use Only
  • Can’t be used while plugged in
  • Not a vast number of extra accessories

Key Features

Detachable Epilation Head:

It has an excellent sized detachable epilation head with micro grip tweezers that are pretty efficient in capturing tiny hairs that are as short as 0.5mm in length and pulls them out of the root instead of nipping off.

Shaver Head:

If you are in the mood to shave a particular part or wanna trim long hairs short before epilation, then replace the epilation head with the shaver that comes along with this model.

Pivoting Head:

Another notable feature is its pivoting head, which makes it flexible to use on the body. With such flexibility, it is easy to follow the contours of the body and ensures thorough epilation.

LED Light:

To spot fine hairs, hangsun F230 is equipped with a built-in LED light. It is one of the most significant features that assist you in a smooth and flawless epilation process.

Speed Adjustment:

It gives you the freedom to set the epilation speed between two settings as per your convenience or hair texture.


It is a rechargeable device that can hold a charge for up to 40 minutes after one and a half hours of charging. Being rechargeable, Hangsun F230 can be used wirelessly without compelling yourself to sit in one place and do the entire session.

Dry Use Only:

Though both the heads are detachable and can be washed under running water for a hygiene purpose, the body is not waterproof. Thus despite being cordless, you cannot use it wet.


The reason behind making this device a part of Best Epilator UK list is that it picks almost all the hairs leaving skin pretty much smooth, but you may require several passes on specific areas, but that’s nearly the case with every other model.

Coming towards pain, it doesn’t give some unbearable sort of pain, but we felt a slight pulling sensation.

Yet again, it is something that varies from person to person, depending on their pair endurance level. Rest, the design is user friendly, and you will love this one if you do not demand the one to be used in a wet environment.


5. Braun Silk-épil 5-820 Braun Silk épil 5-820

The next epilator we have given the fifth place in our Best epilators UK list is from the most reliable name when it comes to the epilators. Yes, We are talking about Brauns! Braun Silk Epil 5-820 is our next pick.

It is designed in baby pink and white colour, keeping women in mind and is the best choice for both the beginners and also for the ones who are used to epilation.

So let’s get down to the details.



  • Wet & Dry Use
  • Cordless Use
  • Personalized Speed Settings
  • Shaver Head
  • Bikini Trimmer
  • Cannot Use While Charging
  • Less Number of Tweezers
  • Only 30 minutes of run-time after fully charged

Key Features

28 Tweezers:

For neat and efficient hair removal, its epilation head is equipped with micro grip tweezers technology that contains 28 tweezers arranged systematically. These tweezers open and shut to grasp and pluck hairs ensuring clean and hairless skin.

Shave Head & Trimmer Cap:

Many people prefer to shave some of the areas rather than epilate, so if you are one of those, you don’t have to get a separate electric shaver for the purpose.

You can have it by simply replacing the epilation head with the shaver head. Also, if your hairs are extra long, then it gives you the option to first trim them down to the ideal length and epilate later with the trimmer cap.

Massage Cap:

It has a high-frequency massage cap that helps in reducing the discomfort of epilation with the help of pulsating vibrations. With these vibrations, it minimizes the pain sensations, ensuring a gentle and less hurting epilation session.

Two Speed Settings:

It gives you control of the epilation speed so that you can set it according to your preference. You can either set it to extra gentle epilation or extra efficient epilation. This is one of the most useful features for beginners.

Wet & Dry:

This one is 100% waterproof, which means you can use it in both dry and wet conditions. So be ready for epilation in a warm shower with this one.


Its run-time is 30 minutes after one hour of charging, and it is not to be used while plugged. So it’s strictly a cordless epilator.

Bikini Trimmer:

It brings along a separate bikini trimmer that is supposed to shave, trim or style the bikini area. This one is an AA battery operated and cannot be used in water.


Epilator and shaver, both work well, and the quality is excellent, but sometimes on stubborn hairs, you may require several passes. Therefore we wish it had more tweezers as it would pick more hairs in a single go.

The separate bikini tool is not that powerful as it is AA battery operated. Yet it is not a deal-breaker as the central unit is doing good at a much lesser price.


6. Braun FaceSpa 851V Braun FaceSpa 851V

Finally, our last epilator in the best epilators UK list is also from Braun. Braun FaceSpa 851V, which focuses on the face only. Its small size makes it handy, portable, and best for on the go epilation.

It can easily adjust itself in your handbag, and you can carry it along with you anywhere, anytime. Besides epilation, it also lets you pamper your facial skin with the skincare attachments it brings as extras.

Wanna know the details?


  • Sleek and precise
  • Best Touch up epilator
  • Portable and travel friendly
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • Expensive
  • Not good at coarse hairs
  • Not Powerful
  • Single AA Battery operated

Key Features

Slim Epilator Head:

The epilation head is perfectly designed, keeping in view the facial hair removing needs. Its slim epilation head has ten micro openings that are to pick and yank out hairs with precision. It is precise enough to be used even on the eyebrows.

Facial Cleansing brush:

As an additional attachment, you will find a facial cleansing brush with it. This is to cleanse your pores deeply and helps you get rid of dirt, makeup, oil, or any impurities. Braun claims that it cleanses your face six times better than the manual cleansing.

Skin Vitalizing Face Pad:

The skin vitalizing face pad that gives your skin a gentle massage that is no less than face workout. This enhances blood circulation and gives you vibrant, young-looking, and radiant skin.

Wet & Dry Use:

This facial machine lets you use it in the shower or with your favourite gels or foams.

Single AA Battery operated:

It is a single AA battery-powered device.


The design and size are ideal for facial use. If you have thin hairs or peach fuzz, this one’s for you. Also, it does excellently when touching up facial areas such as tidying up eyebrows or getting rid of hairs from upper lips or chin as it helps best with precision. This is the reason we have listed it as Best Epilator UK but in terms of the face only.

But if you have coarse hair, don’t go for this one as you will have to go again and again on them. It is a single AA battery-operated, which makes it less powerful, and it faces difficulty in plucking coarse hairs. Also, it eats the battery like anything, so you have to change it very often.

With the high price tag, we won’t go for a device that is good only for fine facial hairs or touch-ups; instead, we would love to spend it on a device that has more utilization.

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Buyer’s Guide:

There are quite many brands that are offering a vast range of Best UK Epilators. It’s not easy to choose an epilator from so many reputed brands out there and even when a single brand offers a variety of models. But worry not, it’s pretty much normal to get confused. Guess what, we are here to your rescue, Smile!

There are a few things you should consider and look for when you are buying yourself an epilator.

Now, what are these?

Well, we are going to talk about some of these below, and then you would be able to choose either from our above given “Best Epilators UK” list or from the wide range available besides this by simply checking out the features.

Number of Tweezers:

Many tweezers are one of the most significant features to check when you decide to buy an epilator. Epilators with more tweezers are fast and efficient as it can pluck more hairs in less time.

But here one thing to consider is that for which area you need it the most. For larger areas like legs and arms, you need an epilator that has more tweezers, and if the area of target is smaller or sensitive, than you better look for an epilator with fewer tweezers.

Wet & Dry Use:

Get a 100% waterproof epilator so that you can use it in the shower or bathtub. Using it in warm water reduces the discomfort and lets you enjoy softer epilation.

Corded or Cordless:

Corded Epilators are powerful as they run on a constant supply of power but bind you to stick to one place near the power socket throughout the session. Cordless are the ones that are more flexible and portable. So it’s a personal preference to go for what suits you the best.

Speed Control:

Some epilators allow for two-speed options, some three-speed options, and some are with a single fixed speed setting. So this is also to check and especially if you are a beginner. Also, it is useful when you are using it on sensitive areas.


Some epilators claim to be less painful because they introduced some vibrating pulsation or other similar features that make the difference, so if you cannot tolerate pain, check for the one claiming to be less painful.


Now, after all these detailed reviews and guides, we hope you must be able to choose from the Best Epilator UK’s List. Isn’t it so?. If you’re also one of those readers who get confused while reading more than three reviews of products. Then you should not worry about this. We recommend you to buy Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex 9-100 if your pocket is not tight. Else go for the Panasonic ES ED-93.

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We accept any kind of feedback, hit us in the comment section with your feedback! Thank You.

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