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Women come into minds whenever we talk about Epilators, but that’s wrong to associate epilators only with the female gender. Now, they introduced epilators for men too, and some are good to go with both the sexes. So, if you are looking Best Epilator For Men and an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair with long term results, then epilators might be the best option for you!

Now the question that’s going to strike your mind is, what the best epilator for the men is?

Wanna know? Stay with me!

Men too love a smoother body. There are certain parts where hairs are not likeable such as the back, chest, lower neck, ears, nose, buttocks, and the groin area, etc. Also, those who are Gym freaks or are into swimming they find hairless bodies more attractive.

For such parts, an epilator is a preferable option than that of electric razors. As with epilators hairs come back after three to four weeks, and you don’t have to bother about shaving after a day or two as is the case with electric shavers or razors.

Top Picks

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Best Epilators For Men

Which epilator to buy? Well, you don’t have to worry. After research, we came up with a list of some of the Best epilators for men. So without further ado, let’s dig into the list for details.

List of Best Men Epilators

Panasonic ES-ED90-P
Emjoi eRase e84
The PLUCK  Nose & Ear Hair Remover
Emjoi AP-18 Emagine

1. Panasonic ES-ED90-P Panasonic ES ED 90


If pain is something that’s stopping you from getting an epilator for yourself, then you should try Panasonic ES-ED90-P. It is one of the least painful epilators available in the market which is perfect not only for women but suits men too.

Additionally, It is an ergonomically designed oval-shaped device that perfectly fits in your hand.

It is the best epilator for men that can be used not only to get rid of pubic hair but is used anywhere you want. Moreover, it comes with six snap-on attachments to further enhance the efficacy.


  • Less Painful Epilator
  • Efficient epilation experience
  • Two different sized epilation heads
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Shaving with trimmer
  • Number of useful attachments
  • Not loud
  • Can’t use while plugged in
  • Leaves very fine hairs
  • Short battery life

Key Features

Two Epilation Heads:

It brings along two epilation heads of which one is a wide epilator head that is a large dual opposed head having 48 tweezers arranged systematically to pull out hairs from roots. It works wonderfully on the larger parts.

The other is smaller in size with a lesser number of tweezers mainly designed to be used in smaller and sensitive areas. This one is excellent to be used for unibrows.

Shaver & Bikini Comb:

Shaver Head is a useful add-on, especially for men. It has hypoallergenic blades and a protective foil that makes it compatible with sensitive skin. Bikini comb comes as a bonus. If you want to trim the groin area or any other part simply put the cap over the shaver and you are good to go.

Pivoting Head:

Another notable feature is its pivoting head which is a must so that the device is flexible enough to manoeuvre over the body and follows the curves of your body. Panasonic ES-ED90-P has a super-adjustable head that pivots at 60 degrees.

Built-In LED Light:

This is a beneficial feature as it helps you in seeing even the shortest and lighter coloured hairs that are otherwise not easily visible. With this feature, it makes sure that you get rid of all the stray hairs.

Cordless & Waterproof:

Charge it and use it. Yes, it’s a rechargeable epilator that can not be applied while plugged in and therefore, it is 100 % waterproof.

Wet & Dry Use:

As said, it’s waterproof so the good news is you can use it in the shower or bathtub or with some gel or foam. Let me mention here that using an epilator in warm water reduces the discomfort to some extent but for greater efficiency use it dry.

Dual Speed Options:

It gives you the liberty to set the epilation speed according to your convenience and need. You can either set it to Normal speed that is the higher one or to soft rate that means the lower speed.


Usually, men have coarser hairs, and this works well on both coarse and thin hair. It pulls out hairs from roots instead of breaking down if you use it right. The pivoting head is flexible enough to reach the trickier parts.

Shaver’s head gives a good close shave which is a plus point being Best Men Epilator. Moreover, when it claims to be the least painful epilator then trust me, it hurts far less than its counterparts. If your pain threshold is not high, then get it, we recommend it and for further comfort use it in wet conditions.


2. Emjoi eRase e84Emjoi eRase e84

Guess what; this is an epilator from the house of Emjoi that has the highest number of tweezers on the market. The device has an ergonomic design that is pretty handy and easy to hold.

If you’re one of those fascinated by several extra accessories, then listen to me out! This brings along only a single extra cap that can be used in sensitive areas.

What else does it offer? Keep reading!


  • 84 Tweezers Head
  • Dual opposed Head
  • Patented Glide Technology
  • Sensitive Cap
  • Being corded means powerful
  • Dry only Use
  • May Require multiple swipes
  • No shaver or trimmer head
  • Corded only

Key Features

84 tweezers head:

It is the epilator with the highest number of tweezers that is 84. More tweezers mean more hairs in one go. This is supposed to remove hair more rapidly owing to its large epilation head with a huge number of tweezers.

Dual opposed head:

The tweezers are arranged on a dual opposed head which rotates in the opposite direction stretching the skin taut, so the epilation is more efficient and effective.

Patented glide technology:

This one also has a patented glide technology that uses three discs system, one still and two movable. This is to pick more hairs and to avoid ingrown hairs by lifting the flat-lying hairs and directing them into the tweezers. Thus, it is to ensure smooth epilation.


It is strictly a corded epilator that requires a constant supply of power. You cannot recharge it. But be mindful of the fact that it is designed for 110V only so it is not compatible to be used in countries using 230V or 240V power supply.

Dry use only:

Most of the people love to use an epilator in a warm shower or with some gel to minimize the discomfort. If you are one of those then sorry this is not for you. This is meant to be used dry only.

Sensitive cap:

Though it is not accompanied by several accessories, one useful attachment it brings along is the sensitive cap which is meant to reduce the exposed number of tweezers when used in smaller or sensitive areas.


Despite having a vast number of tweezers, it still is not that efficient as we expected it to be. It doesn’t pick all hairs in one or two passes, and you are compelled to move it over and over on a single spot. You will see it leaving small hairs behind, and that is enough to make you go crazy.

Also, it doesn’t have a shaver or trimmer attachment, which men would like to have, I guess! Another downside is that it is compatible with 110V only. So, if you are a traveller and love to go around the world, then it’s a definite no-no for you.


3. The PLUCK  Nose & Ear Hair Remover The PLUCK Nose & Ear Hair Remover

This plucker tool is specially designed for getting rid of the unwanted hairs popping out of your nose and ears that make you look weird.

Many of the men are not ready to use an epilator and hurt themselves; instead, they prefer shaving their bodies. But for getting rid of stray hairs popping out of your nose and ears, the best option is to tweeze them off.

For the said purpose, this plucker kit is perfect as it tweezes more hair in a single go and this is why we gave it a place in our best epilators for men list.


  • Very effective and efficient tweezing
  • Plucks out hairs from roots
  • No recharging or power needed
  • Simple, portable and ergonomic
  • Very reasonable price
  • To be used only for ears and nose hairs.

Key Features

It is a small Stainless steel device that has a tweezing coil on one end and two handles in blue colour that is meant to open and close the tweezing coil. The coil is to trap hairs and yank them out of roots. It is a very simple but useful tool for men.



It is as efficient as it is simple in appearance. If you are tired of the embarrassing hairs peeping out of your nose or ears, then this is like a blessing for you. It is far more efficient and less painful than tweezing as it plucks more hairs in a single turn. And trust me it pulls hairs right of the root and you are free to move around confidently for a longer time.


4. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Emjoi AP-18 Emagine

Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine is a high-end epilator that is surely one of the Best epilators for men. Guess what, this is the first and only epilator that is specifically designed keeping the needs of men in mind.

Let’s dig into the details.



  • 72 tweezers
  • Dual Opposed Head
  • Anti Microbial protection
  • Effective and efficient
  • No Built-in led light
  • Can’t be used wet
  • Corded only

Key Features

72 Tweezers:

It is equipped with 72 tweezers that mean more hair removal in fewer passes. Thus it saves you from moving the device again and again on the skin and irritate.

Dual opposed Head:

It has a dual opposed epilation head that rotates in opposite directions, stretching the skin taut so that the epilation is smooth and efficient. Furthermore, its epilation head is made up of metal instead of plastic.

Patented Glide Technology:

With its patented glide technology, it lifts the tiny flat-lying hairs and directs them into the tweezers so that no hair is left behind or results in ingrown hairs. Also, it stops you from pressing the epilator hard on the skin.

Shaver 7 trimming attachment:

It brings along a shaver and trimmer attachment which is useful as it is always preferable to trim down long hairs to the perfect length before epilation so that they don’t break down instead. Also, if you want to shave certain parts then you can do it with this and don’t have to get a separate shaver.

Silver Ion Technology:

It features a silver ion technology that provides antimicrobial protection. This ensures to keep the skin safe from getting folliculitis and makes it a perfect choice for the ones having sensitive skin.

Dual Speed:

By providing you with a dual-speed setting, it gives you the freedom to choose the epilation speed as per your convenience.


It can be used while plugged in only and doesn’t support the recharging feature. Because of its corded aspect, it is powerful and you don’t have to worry that it will run out of charge in between the epilation session.

Dry Use only:

Well here is the bad news! Being a corded epilator it cannot be taken into the shower or bathtub and you are bound to use it dry only.


It works well. It doesn’t break down hairs instead of yanks out from the roots. Go well on both coarse and thin hairs. Though the epilation head is made up of metal, it doesn’t heat up like many others. Shaver head gives a close shave and is a perfect add-on option with a men’s epilator. We loved this one.


Buyer’s Guide

More the options, more the confusion!

Despite going through the plus and minus of different epilators available out in the market, it is still hard to decide the right one for yourself. But not to panic, we understand that every person is different from others, and so are his needs. Thus, we are here to help you!

You should look for following features in an Epilator before buying, and you will be able to find the Best Men Epilator.

The number of tweezers & Epilation Head:

The first thing to consider is the number of tweezers it has for the tweezing purpose. More tweezers mean more hairs in less time. Now here what is important is that if you are buying an epilator to use on a larger area precisely then go for the one with more tweezers and a broad epilation head as it will cover more surface area.

Contrarily, if the area you are willing to epilate is smaller or sensitive, then you should look for the one with an average number of tweezers. Furthermore, men’s hairs are coarser, so always choose an epilator with metal tweezers and the plastic ones.

Corded or Battery-Operated:

This is one noteworthy feature. Some of the chargers are battery operated that are to be recharged before use, or the cells are to be replaced after some time. On the other hand, some epilators work only when they are getting constant power supply.

Corded epilators are more potent than that of the cordless one, but the latter is more portable. So this depends on the individual’s personal preference but wait, let me tell you, some models can be used while plugged in as well as corded-less.

Speed Options:

Another feature that you should check for is whether the model you are getting allows for different speed settings. This is important because some of the areas are sensitive or require more precision; there, this feature gives you the freedom to set the epilation speed as per your convenience or need.

This is more useful for the newbies. Some epilators allow you to have a two-speed setting, some are with three options, but others are none. So be vigilant!

Wet or Dry Use:

One more significant feature to check is either the epilator is dry use only or can be used both in dry and wet conditions. Why? Well, When you use an epilator in warm water, in a shower or bathtub it is less painful than using it dry.

So if your pain threshold is not high, then you should get the one which can be used in both wet and dry conditions; dry usage is always more efficient.


This is one of the points that I hate to discuss, but still, I always have to mention because you people want to know if a specified model is painful or not? So, it’s loud and clear; no epilator is 100% painless. Come on guys, you are pulling hairs out of the root and expect that it won’t hurt?

Though some epilators claim to be less painful because they incorporated some vibrating pulsation or other such feature that makes the difference so if you cannot bear pain check for the one claiming to be less painful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: 1 Do epilators work for men?
Epilators do work for men. Men hairs are coarser than that of a woman so they need a more robust epilator that can efficiently work on men’s hairs. Though now there are epilators available in the market specifically designed for men still you can choose from the huge range of women epilators irrespective of the feminine colours as they work perfectly for both.
Q: 2 Can a man us an epilator on his face?
Men’s hairs are more coarse so they should avoid using epilators on their face or least they can use it on the upper cheeks area where hairs are thin or to tame the unibrows. Even for these areas, they should get the epilator that is specifically designed for facial hairs or the one with facial caps for extra precision.
Q: 3 How painful is using an epilator?
It varies from person to person, some have more pain endurance and others have a minimum, but it is never painless. It always hurts! But after using it several times, you will get used to it. Still, if you cannot bear the pain at all, then epilators are not for you.
Q: 4 Is epilator usable on pubic hair?
Yes, of all the available options, the epilator is one of the best options for the pubic hairs as results last for longer. Guess what the majority of the men initially started to use epilators for pubic hairs. But if your hairs are longer then make sure to trim them to the required length of your epilator first and epilate later.


So that’s all from our Best Men Epilator’s List. Now it’s upon you which one you choose, if you still find it difficult to make the perfect purchase, we recommend you to buy Panasonic ES ED-90. It may not disappoint you.

Please lets us know about your queries or any issue. We will be glad to hear about it.

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