Best Epilator For Bikini – Top Reviews & Honest Buyer’s Guide!

Every woman faces this, the hair on the Bikini area. There comes a moment when we should invest in the Best epilator for Bikini. Why?  The bikini line is a sensitive area, and we can’t leave it to irritations and redness caused due to waxing or shaving. If we talk about ingrown, coarse or thick hair; intimate areas can always be on their target and Bikini is also part of it.

Epilator plays a vital role in the hair removal process. Most of us are tired of every technique, including shaving, as the hair grows very fast after this process.  Once you start making your skin silky smooth with epilators, it doesn’t allow the skin to increase the hair before four weeks minimum. That’s the beauty of epilation!

Say thanks to our Hygiene and personal care experts team, they have researched for months and after testing several. They have finalized a few. Before rolling in further, let me give you sincere advice.

Investing a good amount on personal care is the best investment with no regrets!

Let’s move in!

In this article, we are going to review the Best epilators for Bikini, considering both Budgeted and High-End. If you don’t want to read the complete article, view our top picks, and select the one who admires you. But we suggest you should.

Top Picks

High-End Bikini Epilator
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Best Epilator for Bikini

Look nowhere else because we have listed the best ones for you below. Just like our previous articles, this time, we have reviewed the ones who work best in private areas like a bikini. The best part? You will find almost all kinds of epilators either they are wet, dry, corded, or cordless in this list. The market is flooded with so many that are the reason we have researched deeply for you.

List of Best epilators for Bikini

Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-890
Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry
Emjoi Epi Power e24
Emjoi Soft Caress
Emjoi AP-18 Emagine
Philips BRE650 Prestige

1. Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-890 – Best Bikini line EpilatorBraun Silk Epil 9-890

Braun can give you Several in One Feature. This Silk Epil-9 comes with several accessories allowing you to epilate on areas with a single investment. In addition to this, it has a bikini trimmer that explicitly focuses on the Bikini area.


This machine comes with seven accessories, including a trimmer for the Bikini. It’s cordless and has a smart sensor technology, wet and dry feature. Its head is composed of 40 tweezers, Looks great, isn’t it?. Silk Epil-9 weighs around 14 ounces with one lithium polymer battery, which is good enough!


  • SensoSmart Technology
  • Micro-Grip Technology
  • Easy to reach sensitive areas
  • Bikini Trimmer
  • Wet & Dry
  • Cordless
  • Fast Recharge
  • Smart Light
  • Causes ingrown hair if not used properly
  • Expensive Maybe

Key Features


Due to its Micro-Grip and SensoSmart technology, it makes the epilation much more comfortable and allows you to apply the pressure accordingly, warns by red Light if too much pressure is applied. This feature makes it the world’s first smart epilator.

 Hair Removal Precision 

Due to its 40% extra-wide epilation head, it eliminates the hair 4x shorter. Additionally, with support of 40 tweezers, even the thinnest hair cant be left. All this in just one pass and get up to 4 weeks of Salon smooth skin with this smart epilator.

 Smart Light 

With this feature, it ensures even the most delicate hair not missed. It makes them visible while epilating on any part of the body.

 Bikini Trimmer 

It can trim your bikini hair without irritation or no harm to it. It’s explicitly down for sensitive areas. Due to this feature, it makes Silk Epil-9 the Best epilator for Bikini.

 Fast Recharge 

Silk Epil 9 is a cordless epilator with fast recharge capability. It can get ready in just 60 minutes and give you the operation of fifty minutes without any interruption!

 Wet and Dry 

Another essential feature for 80% of users, you can use this machine under your shower or with wet skin. It’s 100% water-resistant.


Wrap Up
By observing its features and many buyer’s reviews, Silk Epil-9 can change your life literally with its technology and that extra battery-powered razor, designed for sensitive areas making it the Best epilator for Bikini. If you are an “All in One” pack lover, then grab this machine.


2. Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry – Best Braun Bikini EpilatorBraun Silk Epil 7 7-561

Its Braun’s one of the most efficient epilators on the market. Along with being affordable, it proves itself to be the Best option for pubic hair removal.


Silk Epil-7 is the best combination of features. It is cordless, wet, and dry. It comes with six caps and a specialized Bikini trimmer like a pen, which also has a battery. Moreover, a pouch is given with the whole pack to keep the accessories safe. Besides, it is easy to use and easy to reach everywhere due to its lightweight design.


  • Led Light
  • Pen Like Bikini Trimmer
  • Extra Attachments
  • Affordable
  • Wet & Dry
  • Cordless
  • No exfoliation Brushes
  • Can cause pain if not used well

Key Features

 Smart Light 

We all love to remove the hair as much as we can. Smart Light does the job for us. Just like Silk Epil 9, it also has this feature, which leaves no hair behind with fewer passes.

 Wet and Dry 

Epil 7 comes as a waterproof machine, which means you can use it in both ways. Most of the women like being using it on Wet skin or in a bath.

 Bikini Trimmer 

With a pencil-like Bikini trimmer, this machine makes itself best for the bikini areas. Due to its small and easy to handle shape, you can use it anywhere on the body, including the sensitive areas or pubic hair.

 Precise and Efficient 

It also has 40 tweezers making the epilation much precise and effective. It can remove the hair from roots as short as 0.5mm and four times more than waxing.


As it’s waterproof, it gives us another edge also. You can remove the hair with minimum pain during wet usage. It opens our skin’s hair pores so that hair can be pluckable, which makes the epilation less painful.


Wrap Up
If you don’t want to spend much then get this precise Best epilator for a bikini. It turns out to be an affordable option!. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with extra exfoliation brushes.


3. Emjoi EpiPower e24 – Best Pocket-Sized Bikini EpilatorEmjoi-EpiPower e24

Emjoi comes with a variety of epilators when we talk about personal care. Epi power e24 is a pocket-sized designed machine, made for facial and Bikini areas coming with Emjoi’s renowned Technology called eRase.


Its a compact small-sized epilator weighing only 8.8 ounces. Light one, Isn’t it? This device is also a cordless one running on 2 AAA batteries. It has Emjoi’s Latest eRase technology feature. Let’s find out its features more deeply.


  • Extra Gentle
  • Best for beginners
  • Cheap
  • Travel Buddy
  • Easy to use
  • Cordless
  • Compact
  • Works least on Chin
  • Non-Waterproof
  • May need a new battery after a few months

Key Features


As we discussed earlier, this epilator is composed of eRase tech, which means not leaving a single strain of hair as short as 0.3mm on the skin.


It runs on 2 AAA batteries, the operation time of over 40-50 minutes which is quite long-lasting though.

 Effective Hair Removal 

Epi Power is equipped with some nice skills. Due to its 24 tweezers, it can remove your hair from thick to the delicate ones more effectively. You can call it a perfect hair removal device not only for a bikini but for face and other sensitive parts also.


It’s an extra gentle for private areas, with no scratching or irritations.


Wrap Up
Tired of traveling with big-sized epilators? e24 has solved this problem for us due to its compact, pocket-sized design with full-body features.


4. Emjoi Soft Caress Emjoi Soft Cares

It’s one of the Best epilators for bikini area and underarms because of its small size and shape. However, it is a full-body epilator that can be used anywhere, including the face.


Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator is a small, compact size epilator that perfectly fits in your hand. Emjoi introduced some of the best features to make it less pain giving and less-irritation. The tweezers are plated with 24 karat gold, and its pain reduction technology makes it as gentle as possible.

Wanna dig deeper? Let’s go!


  • 36 gold plated tweezers
  • Both corded and cordless use
  • Great in smaller areas.
  • Pain Reduction Technology
  • Dry Use only
  • Not waterproof
  • Take longer on large areas
  • No Smart Light
  • Lil Loud

Key Features

  Gold plated tweezers 

It has 36 hypoallergenic tweezers, but the distinctive aspect is that these tweezers are Gold plated. Know that Gold and silver are non-reactive, and therefore this epilator is suitable for sensitive skin. Keep it at 90 degrees for better and effective results.

 Patented Pain Reduction Technology 

Emjoi’s epilators are known for its uniquely designed dual opposed heads that rotate in opposite directions stretching the skin taut to ensure smooth and less painful hair removal.

 Corded & Cordless Use 

It can be recharged. However, the plus point is that if it runs out of battery or you forgot to charge, you can still use it while plugged in. Which means you don’t have to worry about running out of power. It works at 120V only, so it’s not the one to take along on overseas trips.

 Dual Speed Settings 

It provides you with the option to set the epilation speed to your comfort and requirement. It is adjustable at high or low speed.

 Dry Use Only 

One of the downsides of Emjoi Soft Caress is that you can not take it with you in shower or bathtub, nor can you wash it with water because it is to be used in dry conditions only.

 Two Additional Caps 

One is the regular Cap that is already present on the epilator, and the other one is Massaging Finger Attachment which has a comb-like structure. It is supposed to lift flat-lying hairs and also to massage the skin during the process of epilation.

Performance Review

Emjoi Soft Caress is an efficient epilator that catches and plucks out all thick and thin hairs from the roots. It fails to pull out very tiny and fine hairs, and you may require to go several times for them, but that’s not a deal-breaker, almost all do this. It works well in smaller areas.

Its small epilation head makes it suitable for hard to reach areas. Trust me; it’s excellent for bikini line and underarms. On larger areas such as arms and legs, it may take a while. Its pain reduction technology makes a difference, but epilation cannot be painless.


5. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Emjoi AP-18 Emagine

It is one of the most popular and versatile epilators. It is pricier than many of the epilators, but you have to believe me; it’s worth the price. Ladies, use it anywhere on your body.


It has a concave-shaped body that is a little bulkier than its counterparts. Head is quite significant that covers more surface area, but also it is a bit hard to maneuver it in smaller spaces, but with practice, there will be no issue.

But the best part? It has a vast number of tweezers that make it one of its kind. It is equipped with 72 hypoallergenic tweezers. Yes, you heard it right!

What else does it have to offer? Here we go.


  • Efficient epilating
  • Large Number of tweezers
  • Dual opposed head
  • Two Speed options
  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Powerful
  • Best for multidirectional hairs
  • Bulky
  • Dry Use only
  • Not rechargeable
  • No Smart light
  • No extra Attachments
  • Misses very fine hairs

Key Features

 Dual Opposed Head 

Tweezers are on two heads that rotate in opposite directions stretching the skin taut making epilation a little less painful and more comfortable. The head is large enough to cover more surface area hence saves time.

 Patented Glide Technology 

For a smooth epilation and to avoid ingrown hair Emjoi incorporated a patented glide technology that helps in lifting flat-lying hairs and directs them into tweezers. Also, it will not let you press the epilator hard on the skin to minimize irritation.

 Silver Ion Technology 

It guards you against microbial infections with its silver ion technology. This antimicrobial protection makes it the best choice for those with sensitive skin.


It lacks a rechargeable battery and you can only use it while plugged in. Being a strictly corded epilator, you cannot use it in the shower or bathtub.

 Dual Speed Option 

It offers two-speed options that are adjustable according to your comfort and type of hair. You can set the speed high for coarse and thick hair and low for thin strands.

Performance Review

Emjoi Ap-18 Emagine is genuinely an efficient epilator if you want to tackle the issues of ingrown hairs. Its lifting fingers ensure smooth epilation by directing almost all the strands into tweezers and, consequently, its efficacy against ingrown hairs. It works great on areas that have multidirectional hairs, such as underarms.

You may require several passes to remove really fine hair. More tweezers mean more hairs in one go, but still, it is not as painful as you may think. Emjoi rightly claims that it has incorporated several features to reduce pain. Be careful while using it on your face.


6. Philips BRE650 Prestige – Best Phillips Epilator for BikiniPhilips BRE650 Prestige

It is designed to be used on the whole body; Arms, legs, underarms, bikini lines, and even on the face too.


Philips BRE 650 Prestige is an ergonomically designed sleek S-shaped device that’s not only easy to handle and maneuver but is easy on eyes too. At the top, I mean the head is wider, and it gets leaner while going towards the bottom.

The head is 1.18 inches in length, quite large, which makes it a better choice for large areas such as arms and legs as it will cover more surface area resultantly in a faster epilation. More hair in fewer passes!


  • Efficient shaver & Trimmer Head.
  • Exfoliation Brush is good
  • No. of Additional Caps
  • Wet & Dry Use
  • Two Speed Settings
  • LED light
  • Requires multiple passes
  • Breaks coarser hairs
  • Ceramic tweezers are less effective
  • Maybe Painful
  • Loud for some people

Key Features

 Epilation Head 

Unlike conventional epilators, its head is equipped with ceramic textured rotating discs for epilation purposes instead of metallic ones. These rough-surfaced ceramic discs are in the head that claims to pull out hairs as small as 0.5mm. Hook shape of these discs helps in lifting flat-lying hairs so that no hair is left behind.

 In-Use Massage Cap 

An additional cap with two separate bars on each side with small plastic beads. It assists in two ways. First, it helps in pain reduction as the plastic beads roll over your body to massage skin while epilating, and second is that it helps in keeping the device at a perfect 90 degrees angle for smoother epilation. This is a good add-on for beginners to allow them to use the epilator in perfect position.

 Delicate Area Cap 

It is specifically designed for those sensitive areas that require extra precision and concentration. What this Cap does is to limit the exposed catching points by covering the sides of the epilating head to allow extra precision.

 Facial Cap 

It has the same function but with a little more reduced area of exposed catching points than that of a delicate area cap. It allows you to use it for facial hair unafraid.

 Efficiency Cap 

It comes as an attachment for enhancing efficiency. However, It tightens the skin during epilation, and the ridges it has helped in lifting tiny flat-lying hair strands and assists the rotating discs to catch and pluck right from the roots.

 Shaver and Trimmer Head 

Either you prefer to shave certain areas, or you have to trim long hairs short before epilation, this comes to your rescue.

 Trimmer Comb 

It will cover the middle shaver area and expose only the trimmers to cut the hairs to an ideal length before epilation.

 Massage Rollers 

It’s around the head with five plastic rollers that spin in 360 degrees when you glide it over your body. It gives you massage to make your skin feel relaxed and helps in calming after epilation.

 Exfoliation brush 

Exfoliation brush claims to have 48,200 ultra-fine hypoallergenic bristles that helps in skin exfoliation before epilation which is much useful to avoid ingrown hairs.

 Cordless and Rechargeable 

It is a cordless epilator that can be recharged and used anywhere without getting tangled in a long cable. That’s why It takes one and a half hours to charge the device and work for 40 minutes fully. It has a multi-voltage adapter that makes it a perfect epilator for overseas travel tours.

 Dual Speed Settings 

Its dual speed option allows you to set the speed of the epilator according to your comfort or hair texture. On the contrary, Set it at a higher rate for thick, coarse hairs and a slower pace for fine hairs. Also, if you are a newbie, you should start with a lower speed and shift to higher later on.

 Wet & Dry Use 

It can be used both in wet and dry environments. Using an epilator in a shower or bathtub can reduce pain.

 LED Torch Light 

LED Light is positioned right below the epilating head, which helps in tracking down tiny, light-colored hairs that are hard to see otherwise. This ensures that you don’t miss any hair behind.

Performance Review

Talking of performance, it is not as efficient as many of its competitors, so you can always go for a better one than getting your hands on Philips Satinelle Prestige BRE650. Why? Well, it’s shaver & trimmer head is fantastic and does great at what it is meant for.

Consequently, It is excellent for using on a bikini area for Women, but coming to its epilation head, it’s a fail for us. You have to make several passes to epilate hairs from one spot thoroughly. Too bad at catching fine hairs, even at a slower speed, it hardly grabs thin strands.

This, we guess, is because of the ceramic discs it has instead of the metallic ones which we found are more efficient than these. Philips introduced many features to minimize the pain, but epilation will always be painful, and with this, what we experienced is, it breaks coarser hairs instead of yanking out of the skin; thus, the process feels less painful. Therefore, the exfoliation brush is perfect, though.


Buyer’s Guide:

There are several things to consider before buying the Best epilator for Bikini. We will guide you correctly so that you can make your perfect purchase and never regret it.

But remember, never compromise on being spending less on products for sensitive areas, it might become a problem for you. However,  Always consider the following things before making a purchase.

Powerful Tweezers:

Many say the number of tweezers should be high for precise and smooth epilation, but what is more important is that the tweezers should be arranged in a way or to be coupled with lifting fingers that make it best for the bikini area. So you may go for an epilator with a medium number of tweezers but can lift flat-lying hair strands and ensures efficient epilation.

Speed Adjustment options:

For sensitive areas where more precision is required, you should always choose an epilator that allows you to adjust the speed according to your comfort and need. Also, the bikini line is more prone to pain, so it’s better to start with slow speed and go higher once you get used to it.

Smart Light:

Inbuilt LED light is another feature you should check while choosing an epilator for the bikini area. It will help you in tracking down all the hairs by illuminating the concerned space.

Corded or Cordless:

It is always comfortable to epilate without getting yourself entangled in wire. However, it is even more sensible to look for a cordless epilator for a bikini area for minimum discomfort and a more straightforward job.


Most of the epilators come with extra caps that are only for specified regions, for example, sensitive areas. Therefore, you should look for the ones that provide you with the caps that can limit the number of tweezers and ensure precision.

Dry and Wet Use:

Using an epilator in a wet environment makes it less painful. It is better to have an epilator that can be used in shower, bathtub, or with some gel or foam. So for hair removal of sensitive areas, get yourself an epilator that is usable in a warm bath for less pain.



Wrap Up
So that was our unbiased Guide and reviews for Best epilator for Bikini. We hope you will buy the perfect epilator. Still, if you are thinking about which one to buy. We suggest you go for Braun Silk Epil 9 9-890. If it fits in your needs. Hit us back in the comment section, let us know about your queries or your purchase. Thanks

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