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Tired of other brands? Want to try out Braun’s Epilators? Choosing the right brand’s epilator is always a difficult task. We will help you out in finding the Best Braun Epilator. Hair removing with Braun’s devices is becoming better day by day due to their technology and precision of machines.

Let’s find out!

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Best Braun Epilator

Braun is one of the best and emerging brands in terms of hair removal devices.  They have different epilators whether it is for bikini, legs, face, or underarms. Braun also provides us all in one machine helping people save money; means they have all the features included in a single epilator.

Braun Silk epil 9 9-890
Cordless Use
Braun Silk épil 9 flex
Cordless Use
Braun Silk-epil 7 7-880
Cordless Use
Braun FaceSpa Pro SE 911
Cordless Use
Braun Silk-epil 5 5-280
Corded Use
Braun Silk-Epil 5 5-895
Cordless Use
Braun Silk-epil 3 3-270
Corded Use

1. Braun Silk Epil 9-890 Braun Silk Epil 9-890

Braun Silk Epil 9-890 is a smart epilator that is equipped with a sensor smart technology to let you insert the right pressure while epilating and ensures an efficient hair removal experience.

The epilator is ergonomically designed with a wider pivoted head and the body is less wide than that of the head for comfortable use. With a number of attachments, use it anywhere on your body including face.

What else? Keep on reading.


  • Extra Wide epilation head
  • Senso Smart Technology
  • Wet & Dry Use
  • Shaver Head
  • Trimmer for face and sensitive areas
  • Pivoting Head
  • Expensive
  • Cannot be used while plugged in

Key Features

Wide Epilation Head:

It has a 40 percent wider head than the previous models that means it covers more surface area resultantly removes more hairs in fewer passes. Therefore it guarantees a faster epilation process.

Micro Grip technology:

The epilation head is equipped with 40 long tweezers and a micro grip technology that grabs even the shortest hairs and removes them from the root.

Pivoting Head:

Another significant addition is the pivoting head that follows all the contours of your body and makes certain that you get a smoother and hair-free body.

Senso Smart Technology:

This is one useful feature, especially for the newbies. The senso smart technology allows you to put the right amount of pressure and if you are putting more pressure than needed it will alert you by prompting a red light.

Smart Light:

It has a built-in smart light to see very tiny or blonde hairs that are not easy to locate otherwise.

Shaver Head and Trimmer Cap:

It not only works as an epilator but also can be converted into an electric shaver by simply switching the epilation head with the shaver one. What’s more? By putting a trimmer cap on the shaver head it gonna help you trim hairs where you want.

Body and Face trimmer:

If you want to trim hairs from the face or sensitive areas where precision is required, worry not. It comes with a trimmer for the said areas.

Skin Contact Cap:

Skin Contact cap is meant for allowing maximum skin contact so you get efficient and effective hair removal experience.

Facial Cap:

If you are in the mood to epilate face area, that by putting this one over the epilation head will minimize the number of exposed tweezers and will be ready to use on the skin.

Massage Rollers:

These gently stimulate your skin with the help of pulsating vibrations to minimize the discomfort you suffer while removing hairs.

Cordless/Wet & Dry:

Being cordless it can be used in both dry or wet circumstances. Dry epilation is efficient while wet epilation is a little less painful. If you want to take the epilator in shower with you, why not?


Totally recommended! It is an excellent epilator that does its job brilliantly. It plucks hairs outright from the roots and doesn’t break hairs if used in the right way. Moreover, it removes more hairs in a single pass. Shaver Head is a bonus, it gives a nice close save so you don’t have to get a separate shaver. In short, it’s worth the price.


2. Braun Silk Epil 9 Flex 9020 Braun Silk Epil 9 Flex-9020

Here’s the second epilator in our Braun’s best epilators list. Braun Silk Epil 9 Flex 9-020 is the first epilator with a fully flexible head that rotates flexibly and adapts to all the body curves really smoothly.

Moreover, its wider head with a slim long anti-grip handle makes it ergonomic and comfortable to use. There is more to know so let’s get down to it!


  • Fully Flexible Head
  • Wide Epilation Head with 40 tweezers
  • Shaver and trimmer
  • Massage Pad
  • Wet & Dry Use
  • Cordless Use only
  • Leaves  very fine hairs

Key Features

Epilation Head:

The epilation head is extra wide with micro grip technology having 40 long tweezers that have the ability to grab and pluck hairs right off the roots.

Fully Flexible Head:

One notable feature is its fully flexible epilation head that is flexible enough to maneuver and adapts to all your body contours easily.

Shaver Head and Trimmer Cap:

It comes with a shaver head that can replace the epilation head easily. Shaver Head is a good option to be used in sensitive areas for many. Moreover, if you want to trim long hairs short then there comes an additional attachment which is the trimmer cap. Put on the trimmer cap over the shaver head and there you go!

Senso Smart Technology:

With its senso smart technology, it guides you to put the right amount of pressure while using the epilator. If you apply more pressure the red light on it will alert you.

Massage Pad:

It brings along a massaging pad which helps in stimulating blood circulation and gives a relaxing massage. Also, it can be used to massage cream or lotion deep into the skin.

Skin Contact Cap:

Skin Contact Cap allows for better contact with skin and gives you maximum and smooth hair epilation.

Facial Cap:

To be used on the face or smaller areas, it comes with a facial cap. The facial cap has a little opening which covers half of the tweezers when putting on the epilation head.

Wet & Dry Use:

It is a cordless epilator and you don’t have to stick to the power source for the epilation session. You can use it in dry conditions or take it with you in a shower or bathtub.


Its flexible head makes it easy to glide over the body and let it reach the trickier parts easily. Epilator yanks hairs out of roots and you will clearly feel the smoothness once you are done. Also, it gives a perfectly smooth and close shave and you don’t have to spend separately on a shaver if you need one. Our team sincerely recommend this!


3. Braun Silk Epil 7 7-880 Braun Silk Epil 7 7-880

The third epilator that makes it to our Braun’s best epilators list is the Silk Epil 7 7-880 which is indeed one of the best epilators present in the market.

Its slightly curved design with anti-slip grip design makes it ergonomic and the number of extra attachments it is coupled with adds into its efficacy.  So let’s get down to it.


  • Senso Smart technology
  • Efficient Epilation Head
  • Smart light
  • Dry & Wet Use
  • Shave and Trimmer
  • Extra caps
  • Cannot be used while plugged in
  • Expensive
  • No exfoliation brushes

Key Features

Epilation Head:

The epilation head is equipped with 40 close-grip tweezers that are capable of tweezing hairs right off the root and bless you with neat hair-free skin. To direct flat-lying hairs into the tweezers it has soft lift tips arranged on the head. Also to enhance the efficiency the bi-directional pivoting head design makes it easier to glide the epilator along the curves of your body.

Senso Smart Technology:

This has a sensor fit in that alerts you by prompting red light on if you apply more pressure on the epilator. Thus with its senso smart technology, it makes it easier for you to use the epilator in the right way.

Wet & Dry Use:

It can be used both in wet or dry conditions thus giving you the freedom to use it in the bathtub or while sitting on the couch.

Smart light:

To illuminate extra thin or blonde hairs it has a built-in LED light that ensures a smooth and neat epilation.

Shaver and Trimmer attachments:

You can also use it as a shaver or trimmer as it brings along the specified attachments for both purposes.

Extra caps:

It also comes with extra caps such as sensitive area cap, facial cap, or skin contact cap that are designed specifically for certain areas for extra precision or particular purpose to enhance the efficiency of the product.

Massage Rollers:

It has massage rollers positioned on either side that stimulate the skin with pulsating vibrations and minimize the pain you feel while the hair removal process.

Dual Speed Settings:

With its dual speed settings options, it lets you set the speed of tweezers working on the hairs as per your comfort or in accordance with the texture of hairs.


You may find it expensive but it pretty much does the job you got it for. It is hard on hairs and removes hair from roots instead of breaking them off if you use it in the right way. Yeah on some parts you may require more than one pass but that is the case with almost all the epilators so don’t be skeptical.


4. Braun Face Spa SE911 Braun Face Spa SE911

Braun Face Spa SE 911 is the first 3-in-1 facial epilator which is not only limited to the hair removal job but is a multifunctional tool that makes it a complete package for facial skin care.

Moreover, the design is really pretty and ergonomic which makes it perfect to be used on face and easy to handle. It is like a wand having a length of 6.5 inches with a small epilation head positioned on one end.  Let’s dig a little deeper.


  • Excellent epilation
  • Travel friendly
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • Deep Cleansing and skin toning
  • Expensive
  • Cannot be used while plugged in
  • Best for facial only

Key Features

Slim Epilation Head:

The epilation head is perfectly designed to be used on the face wherever you want. Its small size makes it suitable to use even on eyebrows where maximum precision is required. It results in neat and hair-free skin.

Cleansing Brush:

It brings along a cleansing brush that is round in shape and has really soft bristles which are good to go with sensitive skin as well. This is one excellent add-on as it can remove dirt, impurities, or makeup from skin six times more effective than that of manual cleansing.

Besides deep cleansing, it also sorts of massages your skin and gives you visibly glowing smooth skin once you finish the session.

Micro Vibrating Head:

Another remarkable attachment it comes with is the micro vibrating head that has around flexible metal end which vibrates gently helping the skin-friendly lotions, moisturizers, creams, or serums penetrate and soaks more deeply into the skin.

Gives you young looking smooth and radiant skin.

Wet and Dry Use:

It is a cordless, rechargeable device and this makes it suitable to be used not only to be used away from the power source and save you from sticking to one place but also allows you to take it into the shower or to be used with gels or foams for a more comfortable experience.


Without any exaggeration, it is indeed one brilliant face tool that truly claims for giving you a soft, glowing, and young-looking skin. The epilator removes hair neatly and the cleansing and micro vibrating head come as a bonus to allow you to have a mini spa at home. It’s a cent percent recommended product and totally worth the price.



5. Braun Silk Epil 5 5-280 Braun Silk Epil 5 5-280

Braun Silk Epil 5 5280 is another epilator that made its way to our best Braun epilators list. It is a beautifully designed slightly curved shaped epilator that’s powerful and guarantees an uninterrupted hair removal because of being corded.

What else does it offer? Keep reading and you will find out.


  • Epilator-cum-shaver
  • High-Frequency massaging system
  • Pivoting head
  • Powerful being corded.
  • 40 tweezers
  • Built-in light
  • Cooling glove
  • Dry Use only
  • Not Rechargeable

Key Features

40 Tweezers:

It has a wide epilation head equipped with 40 tweezers which are meant to open and close to grasp the hairs and then pluck them off the roots to give you a smooth and neat looking body. The tweezers work well on short hairs even of 0.5 mm length.

Pivoting Head:

The head pivoting that makes it easier to glide over the body especially on the challenging areas such as knees and underarms.

Corded and Dry Use Only:

It is strictly a corded epilator that allows for using it in dry conditions only and you cannot use it in shower/bathtub or with any gel or foam.

LED Light:

There are always super thin hairs that are hard to see even if you are sitting in a well-lit area. Thus to track and illuminate these tiny hairs it has a built-in LED light.

Shaver Head & Trimmer Cap:

Everybody has different preferences. Some prefer to shave especially the sensitive areas such as the bikini area and for those, it brings along a shaver head that can easily replace the epilation head. Also, you can put on a trimmer cap over the shaver head to trim long hair short. This is useful to trim long hairs to perfect length before epilation.

High-Frequency Massaging System:

With its high-frequency massaging system it stimulates your skin while epilating and minimizes the pulling sensation of hairs and reduces the discomfort.

Efficiency Cap:

By putting on this cap, it allows for better contact with skin and resultantly you will get faster epilation and less irritation.

Speed settings:

You have two-speed options so that you could adjust the epilation speed as per your comfort and need.

Cooling glove:

It brings along a cooling glove that is to soothe your sore skin after doing the hair removal procedure to minimize the pain or discomfort.


It is an efficient epilator and we would recommend it as it is powerful and neatly does its epilating job but the downside of a corded epilator is that you can only use it dry. So if you are a person who loves to epilate in wet conditions then certainly this is not for you. Otherwise, it offers a good deal.


6. Braun Silk Epil 5 5-895 Braun Silk Epil 5 5-895

Another product that we added to our Braun’s best epilators list is the Silk Epil 5 5-895. Guess what, it is not only an epilator but a complete beauty set.

With a number of additional accessories and attachments, you can have a hair removal and spa experience at home.

So here we go!


  • 5-in-1 hair removal and beauty set
  • Epilator -cum-shaver
  • Senso smart technology
  • Wet and dry use
  • Exfoliation and cleansing brushes
  • Cordless use only
  • Expensive

Key Features

Micro grip Tweezers:

The epilation head is covered with 28 micro grip tweezers that move faster to pick and pluck even the shortest hairs that come in their way.

Senso Smart Technology:

It is also equipped with the senso smart technology making it a smarter one to sense when you put extra pressure and alarms you to keep the right pressure for effective epilation.

Shaver Head and Trimmer Cap:

If you wanna shave instead of epilation then replace the epilation head with a shaver head and start off with shaving. Also if you wanna trim longer hair short before epilating or to neaten the bikini area put on the trimmer cap over shaver head and there you go!

Cordless/ Wet & Dry Use:

It is a rechargeable device and can be used cordless only. The advantage of being cordless is that you can take it in a shower or bathtub with you for a little less painful depilation experience or also can be used with gel or foam.

Extra Caps:

Like many of the other epilators, it also comes with extra caps for precision and convenience purpose. Two of the caps it has besides the trimmer cap is the skin contact cap and the high frequency massaging cap.

Facial Brushes:

It includes three facial brushes of which one is specially designed for sensitive skin with extra soft bristles, second is for a cleansing purpose that is to remove dirt, impurities, makeup or oil of the skin and deeply cleanse it.

The third one is the exfoliation brush that exfoliates the skin by removes the dead and dry skin and collectively they all results in fresh, radiant, and soft skin.

Beauty sponge:

Besides, the facial brushes also have a beauty sponge that is meant for applying makeup especially concealer and foundation for more flawless and smooth applications.


If you wanna pamper yourself then you gotta get your hands on this amazing set. It is expensive but obviously the price depends on the quality and with this one you will get what you pay for. Not only the epilator or shaver but the facial brushes does their job honestly. Trust me you’re gonna love the results. 100% recommended!


7. Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270 Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270

Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270 is not one of the latest models but is surely an effective epilator which is why it manages to reserve its place in our Braun’s best epilators list.

It is an oval-shaped corded epilator with a reasonable price tag and brilliant performance. Let’s know more about it.


  • Affordable price
  • Two-speed settings
  • Smart light
  • Massage Rollers
  • Shaver head and trimmer cap
  • Corded thus powerful
  • Not Rechargeable
  • Dry Use only
  • No extra caps for the sensitive area
  • Noisy

Key Features

Effective hair removal:

For making the hair removal effective and efficient the epilation head is equipped with 20 tweezers having the ability to grasp and pluck hairs right off the roots. Also with its soft lift technology, it makes sure that all the flat-lying hairs are directed into the tweezers so no hair is left behind.

Shaver Head and Trimmer Cap:

It’s a two in one device that means besides the epilator you can also use it as a shaver by simply switching the heads. Also if you have long hairs that can cause trouble while epilation as long hairs usually break off then you have the option to put on a trimmer cap over the shaver and this will let you trim hairs to the perfect length.

Massage Rollers:

It also has massage rollers that with the help of micro pulsation massages the skin and reduces the pain and the pulling sensation of hairs while epilating. It tries to reduce the discomfort and ease the procedure.

Smart Light:

The built-in smart light to highlight the hard to see hairs that are tiny, thin, or of lighter color so that none are left behind.

Speed Settings:

It allows you to set the device to either extra efficient or extra gentle epilation as is required or suitable.

Powerful but Dry Use only:

Being corded it is a powerful epilator as it requires constant power supply but the downside is that it can be used in dry environments only. You cannot take it with you in a shower.


It is one of the efficient epilators at a low price. So if you are having budget issues you may go for this one. It neatly does the job and pulls hair off the roots instead of breaking. Though it takes little more time as the number of tweezers is low. Also, you have to be vigilant while using it in the bikini area as it does not come with a precision cap. It is also called Woman’s Epilator.


Buyer’s Guide Infographic:

Things to consider before buying Infographic:

Best Braun Epilator

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: 1 What is the newest Braun epilator?
Silk Epil-9 is the latest series of Braun’s epilators. Braun Silk Epil 9 890 is the Latest Best Braun Epilator.
Q: 2 Does epilating eventually stop hair growth?
Proper use of epilators can give you long-lasting results than any other epilating technique.
Q: 3 Which Braun epilator is best?
Braun has different epilators for different parts of the body whether its facial, bikini or any part. For the whole body, Braun Silk Epil 9-890 is the Best Braun Epilator.


We listed the Best Braun epilators which we found during our research. Moreover, These reviews are based on the user’s experience.  You can select the product for your needs by keeping in mind the buyer’s guide.

Still, if you’re not able to select the best option. However, We will suggest you go for Braun Silk Epil 9 890 as it is a one-time investment and it’s for the whole Body.

For the ones looking for epilators for men. Have a look at Best Men Epilators.

Please comment below your purchase. We will be glad to know about it. Thanks!

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