Best Epilator 2022 – Top Rated Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Another victim of painful waxing and Epilators? Well, then you’re at the best place. We will show you the Best Epilators, which will make you say goodbye to the hairy body. Epilators are an essential part and play a vital role in Person’s Beauty. In the world of waxing and shaving, epilators are now emerging electric devices for hair removal.

So, In case you might be asking yourself, Epilator is a Device comprising of many tweezers. These multiple tweezers pull out the hairs from the roots and throw them out and make your body smooth.

There are hundreds of epilators available around, which makes the person confused to decide the perfect one. You’ve got it right. For this reason, we’re here for you to choose the best one

Let’s Dive in, shall we?

If you’re in a hurry, we have listed two of our top picks for you according to both high and affordable budgets. Have a look!

Top Picks

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Best Epilator 2021

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To select a quality epilator for the money, we researched for you and came up with different results overall. We have made a list of the best rated and most selling epilators for you whether they are corded or cordless.

Think about this for a minute that a person who doesn’t compromise on his skincare but ends up buying the worst Epilation machine. We’ve all been through this. So let’s take a closer look and select the Best Epilator Ever.

Here’s the kicker:

List of Best Epilators

Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579
Panasonic ES-E70-G
Epilady Legend 4th
Corded and Cordless
Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-880
Philips Beauty HP6401
Braun Silk-Epil 5 5-280
Emjoi Emagine AP-18

1. Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579 – All-rounderBraun Silk Epil 9 9-579

When someone talks about epilation, Braun is the brand that comes in the majority’s mind as Best Epilator due to their product’s durability and quality.

Silk Epil 9 is one of the best all-round epilation machines. Perfect for the ones having thick hair all over the body.  It removes the shortest hair with no delay due to its multiple tweezers.


It comes with a MicroGrip Tweezer technology making it difficult for tiny hairs to remain. Weighing around 16 ounces, this Braun’s Epilator consists of 1 lithium-ion battery and several accessories.

Beauticians Recommendation!


  • Efficient
  • Wet & Dry
  • Cordless
  • Precise
  • All in One
  • Expensive.
  • It can not be used while on a charge.

Key Features

  •  Easy to use : Silk Epil 9 is a cordless hair removal epilator with a 40% wider head, making your skin smoother in its first pass. Its extra-wide head covers the more area as you epilate, which makes the epilation easier.
  •  Tech : With its redesigned MicroGrip technology tweezers, it removes the hair four times more than the usual Shaving or Waxing. Precision is not a problem for Braun.
  •  Smart Light : One of the best features we noticed and amazingly liked in this Epilator is its pressure sensor and Smart Light. When you epilate through your skin, if you apply more pressure, it will start blinking, and Smart Light won’t let the Hairs to hide.
  •  Make-up Cleansing :  With its facial cleansing brush, it gives six times better results than manual cleansing.


2. Panasonic ES-ED70-G – The Multi-TaskerPanasonic ES ED70-G

Picture it as another high-end Best Epilator in the market. This cordless epilation machine in the world of epilators can’t is called painless.

You must be thinking. Why?. Because sometimes the results are worth the discomfort. Trust me, its worth it ;).


Panasonic never disappoints due to its multiple function electric shavers.

This washable, designed Epilator comes with five attachments, including a travel pouch and comprises of a Lithium-ion battery. Call it as Easy to handle lightweight Epilator weighing around 1 pound.



  • Wet/Dry
  • Easy Cleansing
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless Blades
  • Expensive Maybe
  • Average Battery life

Key Features

  •  Wet and Dry : With this capability, it gives you a choice of using it in a Bath-tub or on your Bed. You can wash out this home based Epilator under running tap water, whether it’s warm or cold.
  •  Hair Removal Skills : Now, if we talk about its hair removing skills, then no doubt you will love it as its no less than a Wheat thresher. This Panasonic Epilator has Hypo-Allergenic blades, not leaving a single strain of hair due to its 48 precise tweezers and Dual Speed modes. The Built-in LED makes it difficult for the tiniest hair to hide.
  •  Long term Investment : We know the feelin’ when we spend, we hope that it’s for the long term. It’s a reliably designed machine coming with two year’s warranty, you can consider it as your 3-4 years investment.
  •  Battery life : When choosing a cordless Epilator, charging and its epilation times matters a lot. Panasonic is sometimes outranked due to low battery life, but this one is something else. It can be charged fully within 30 minutes due to its short charge time and extended run time capability!
  •  Cleaning Process : Easy to clean and detachable attachment’s ability and well-built accessories to make them intact with the body makes it a Versatile Epilator.


3.Epilady Legend 4th Generation– Women’s Best friendEpilady Legend 4th Generation

Legend 4th is one of the Best Epilator among Epilady’s Series. Along with the invention of Epilator, they have made a Life-changing impact on hair removal; they know what their customer’s desires are.

All over the world, millions of women like Epilady due to their affordability.


This Godsend device colored red and white making it a perfect match for women, comes with a kit including a travel pouch, 12V Adapter, cleaning brush, and a handbook. Lightest as it can be easily gripped, ensuring a non-slip hold due to its weight of 6.3 ounces only.

You can use it in both ways, either corded or cordless, depends on your choice—a rechargeable machine for any skin or hair color.


  • Affordable
  • Corded/Cordless
  • Less Painful
  • Long-lasting results
  • Dry Use Only
  • Less Durable

Key Features

  •  Smoother Skin : Lets talk about its smoother results. This Epilating machine is comprised of 40 Tweezers with 30000+ Tweezes Per minute, killing the finest hair from the roots. No need for Waxing or Shaving as this Epilating machine will give you the results lasting for more than 4-5 weeks, making the skin silkiest. Isn’t it amazing?.
  •  Modes : With two modes of speed, it allows you to epilate on your desired way, either it’s for coarse, thick, or dark hair. Either you’re a beginner or an experienced, it has both options.
  •  Convenient : When it comes to the best rechargeable epilators, you will find Epilady always in the front row because of its long-lasting life. It can be used until 2 Full Epilations when fully charged.
  •  Safe : It is a Dry Epilator designed ergonomically with rubber touch at the points of grips which ensures a non-slip hold, this machine is safe for use on any part of the body.


4.Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-880 The Smart OneBraun Silk Epil 7 7-880

Braun always lets you pamper yourself for the best with their several accessories coming with their Epilators.

Have you noticed its tagline? “The Smart One.” Silk Epil 7 is called the Smart Epilator due to its Senso Smart technology, what’s that? We will discuss it in detail.


This smart Epilator is designed for the whole body, including sensitive areas. It comes as  7 in one Epilator, which includes removable heads, caps like a facial cap, trimmer cap, shaving cap, sensitive cap, efficiency cap, and Smart Plug.

A pouch is sent by the vendor for easy storing. Let’s move on towards its benefits:


  • Fast recharge
  • Cordless
  • Wet & Dry
  • Long-lasting results
  • 7 extras
  • Painful for beginners.
  • Faces difficulty in finer hair removal.

Key Features

  •  Tech  : As we mentioned earlier, this epilator comes with a Senso Smart technology which makes it easy for you to how much pressure should be applied. A red light signal will guide you to apply suitable pressure to epilate easy and less painful.
  •  Smart Light & Hair removal  : With its Smart light technology, It won’t let hide the thinnest hair on the skin. As you epilate, thin hair will be more visible to you through this light. The 40 tweezers allow you to epilate more gently and eliminate the thinnest hair on your skin more easily with the help of Smart Light.
  •  Water-Proof : Silk Epil 7 is 100% water-resistant because it is equipped with Wet and Dry feature. You can use this epilator under your shower or on your wet skin. On the other hand, Dry epilation is also possible.
  •  Modes :It comes with Dual Speed Modes. You may know what’s that as we reviewed earlier. These modes let us allow epilating on our desired speed mode making the process of hair removal more efficient and gentle.


5. Philips Beauty HP6401 – Compact EpilatorPhilips Beauty HP6401

Philips HP6401 Satinelle is one of the best epilators available with a low price tag. I know what you are thinking right now, Low price means low quality! No? But trust me, it comes with several positive features. Let’s dive in.


It has a great design with an ergonomically built flat shape that fits perfectly in your palm with an added grip surface at the back.

The compact and lightweight design make it an ideal travel buddy besides that it is a corded epilator that works on 100 to 200-volt outlets; thus, one of the best epilators for on-the-go use.


  • User-friendly design
  • Long cord
  • Easy on money
  • Protective cap
  • Washable epilating head
  • No Smart Light
  • Less number of tweezers
  • Loud/Noisy
  • Dry use only
  • No travel bag or brush

Key Features

  •  Hair removal and Modes : It is equipped with 21 hypoallergenic tweezers that can grab and pluck hair as short as 0.5 mm. It provides you with two-speed options, lower speed for epilating sensitive areas or fine hair and a higher speed for coarser hair.
  •  Efficient : Additionally, it comes with an efficiency cap that provides better contact with skin and especially helpful in sensitive areas for better hygiene. Though specifically designed for legs, it works well on other body parts as well. Not to be used on the face.
  •  Extras : Unlike other epilators, it does not come with a number of extra accessories except for an efficiency cap. The epilation head is removable and can be washed under running water.
  •  Corded Use : Downsides for this product is that being corded it can only be used on dry skin, fewer tweezers means more passes, and is loud. Moreover, it does not have a smart light and a rotating head.


6.Braun Silk-Epil 5 5-280 – Uninterrupted Hair RemovalBraun Silk Epil 5 5-280

The Braun Silk-Epil 5-5280 is a perfect choice if you are looking for a long-lasting smooth-shaven skin as it comes with 40 tweezers having the ability to pull and remove even the shortest hair of 0.5mm leaving the skin smoother up to four weeks.


Silk-Epil 5-5280 is a corded epilator having about a 7ft long cable, which means you are not supposed to stick to one place. It brings along a shaver head, a trimmer cap, an efficiency cap, a cleaning brush, and a travel pouch beside the cooling glove.



  • Epilator as well as shaver
  • Pivotes along body curves
  • Washable
  • Cooling gloves
  • High frequency massaging system
  • Effective Smart light
  • Dry use only
  • Not rechargeable

Key Features

  •  LED Light : That’s not all, its pivoting head enhances the performance by adapting to all curves of your body making it possible to reach every point while the effective smart light guides you by illuminating the finest hair.
  •  Speed Modes : It provides two-speed settings so that you can adjust it to your comfort. If you are a first-time user this feature is a blessing for you.
  •  Less Painful : Here’s the kicker: It comes with a high-frequency massaging system that will stimulate your skin and calm the pulling sensation while epilating and cooling gloves that can be used post-epilation to soothe your sore body. Hence making the whole process a little less painful.
  •  Dry Only :  It’s a dry only epilator and cannot be used under the shower. Though you can wash it underwater while disconnected from the power source.
  •  Extra Caps : The shaver head lets you use your epilator as a full performance electric shaver. Trimmer cap is best to trim down sensitive areas before epilation as shorter hair is less likely to break off and less painful to pluck off. Efficiency cap is used for better contact with skin.


7.Emjoi Emagine AP-18 – Antimicrobial ProtectorEmjoi Emagine AP-18

Emjoi Emagine AP-18 is one of the most efficient and popular epilators on the market. The Emagine Ap-18 is designed to be used on legs, bikini line, underarms, and even the chin and upper lips.

It’s excellent for epilating areas with multidirectional hair, such as underarms.


Its head is large, so initially, you may find it difficult to maneuver it around the armpits area. It brings along no extra accessories.

What distinguishes it from the rest and makes it the Best Epilator is the number of tweezers that are 72 tweezers. That’s huge! It means more hair in one go consequently faster epilation.


  • 72 tweezers
  • Best for multidirectional hair
  • Dual opposed head
  • Dual speed settings
  • Efficient epilation
  • 8ft long cord
  • Dry use only
  • No smart Light
  • No shaver head or trimmer
  • Misses finer hair
  • No Extra accessories

Key Features

  •  Gentle hair Removal : To make the procedure less painful and a bit quicker, Emagine AP-18 came up with uniquely designed dual opposed heads that rotate in opposite directions gently stretching the skin taut and covering more surface area thus pulling all hair in one go with lesser pain.
  •  Tech : In addition, its patented glide technology assists the tweezers by lifting up stubborn flat and tiny hair, as short as 0.5mm to ensure hairless smooth skin and decrease the possibility of ingrown hair. It also saves you from pressing the epilator down hard on skin resultantly less irritation. Besides that, It does not have a smart light.
  •  Antimicrobial : That’s not all, Emagine AP-18 is the first-ever epilator to feature Silver Ion Technology that provides antimicrobial protection. It helps to keep the skin free from getting folliculitis. If you have sensitive skin then no wonder this is something you should check out.
  •  Speed setting : It comes with Dual speed settings, lower and a higher that allows comfortable use all over the body.
  •  Corded : Talking of the negatives, AP-18 is a corded epilator with no rechargeable battery that makes it a dry only epilator. You cannot use it under a shower or with any cream, gel, or foam. But if you’re a Dry Use lover then this isn’t a negative point for you.


Buyer’s Guide:

Before we make a move towards how to select the best one, I have a question in mind, Why should we use an Epilator?.  Well, we can answer that only if we have ever waxed or shaved or plucked our hair manually. Because of the Epilator, we can have Smoother Skin and fine hair regrowth, which makes the epilation less painful.

On the other hand, waxing can cause damage to the skin with less hair removed. We have to go through several passes of waxing to make our skin smooth ultimately. That’s why we consider Epilators. They can give long-lasting results with no mess created at all.

Best Epilator buyer's guide


For choosing the Best Epilator, below are several things to notice before buying:

Corded or Cordless:

It depends on the choice and usage of the user. If you’re going to use the machine for wet and dry both, then go for a cordless epilator because the corded one won’t be able to make it to the Bath Tub with you. Besides, a cordless epilator can help you out in travel purposes; you just have to make sure the battery is full!

Besides that, a Corded epilator can only be used for Dry epilating purposes. If you are going to use it as Dry, then Go for the Corded one; it would be the best choice for you. They won’t run out of battery till you finish.


It is always a feature to check. Some epilators have dual speed modes, and some have not. Epilators with these modes, you can make the best use of it by selecting the appropriate one.

Like if you’re a beginner, then you shouldn’t have to worry about it because your investment in multiple Modes Epilator has Low-speed mode for beginners for you as well as High-speed mode for the Intermediate users.


Well, epilation and waxing are the processes in which we cannot guarantee complete pain relief, but yes, there’s good news. Use a wet and dry Epilator if you can’t afford pain. While using the wet and dry cordless Epilator with you in your bathroom or the place where you can pour some warm water on your skin, it will ease the pain. Making the pores relax, open, and removing the hair with less pain, which gives you a sigh of relief.

Smart Light:

Most of the epilators around us are having this feature called Smart Light or LED. It helps us out in eliminating the unwanted and even the thinnest hair ever on our skin more precisely.

No hair can hide from this light, which comes in its way. It makes the epilation much easier. We recommend buying the one comprising of this fantastic feature.


It is one of the essential parts of the Best epilators. Caps are the equipment we can use to get relief from pain or to use it in sensitive areas. While buying the Epilator, we should keep this in mind. We can equip our Epilator with a suitable cap for our vulnerable places.

In this way, it wouldn’t be necessary to buy extra Epilator for the other body parts. Expensive epilators have several caps that come in the packaging. We have listed a few above.

Removable Heads:

Epilators mostly come with a single Head, but there are ones in the market having multiple heads. With removable heads, we can convert our Epilator to the shaving machine or a trimmer. It saves money in this way, but you have to look for your needs. If you are going to shave or trim, then go for the detachable Head Epilator or else keep the extra money in the pocket.



Q:1 Which Epilator is best for 2021?
Choosing the Best Epilator is always a difficult task, Do not worry about the cons and bad reviews because we have got the best ones in our list, fitting in every possible budget depending on the respected customer. We suggest Braun Epil Silk 9-579, as it has given the best results so far.
Q:2 Is Epilator better than waxing?
Everyone has different tastes, depends on their desires. But we recommend epilation as it gives long-lasting results up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. Epilators can pluck the thinnest hair out of the skin without damaging the surface.

They can remove hair from the roots with their wider head covering more area, making it better than waxing. Whereas, waxing can be much more painful as well as damage to the skin because it forces the surface to remove the hair.

Q:3 Which Braun epilator is best?
Braun has launched many versions of epilators. Braun Silk Epil 9-579 has taken the place Braun Silk Epil 7 in the market of Epilators as a KING due to its precision and multiple heads for all over the body.
Q:4 How to get rid of painful epilation?
Hair removing process is always painful but painless epilation? It’s still a mystery. Well, epilation is much better than waxing in terms of features as well as pain. Painless epilation is only possible if we do it the right way. It is painful at the start, but with time we get used to it and don’t feel much pain. This is due to the regrowth of smooth and thin hair after a few weeks.
Q:5 Which is better Philips or Braun Epilator?
We think Braun is the best one out there; it outranks many brands due to its reliability, precision, and extra accessories, used for different parts of the body.
Q:6 Does Epilator make the skin dark?
One of the misguided things I have seen on the internet is people saying, “Epilation makes the skin darker” Absolutely wrong!. Why? It’s all about the process of doing it, all about how you epilate. If you can do it the right way and completing all the pre-requisites, then we think it can never be a problem. Even though epilation can make your skin’s hair soft and thin, making it easy for you to epilate and less painful.


Nobody can ever select a perfect Product on their own, but Trust me, it’s a no-brainer. Because We are here for you and to give the Un-Biased review of Best Epilators around the market is our priority.

We listed every possible best-rated Epilator with its features, pros, and cons and, most importantly, affordable and expensive both so that you can analyze and choose the best one for yourself.

If we give you an honest review, then all of them are the best ones around, but you have to go for the one which suits you, your budget, your use. But what we suggest is  Braun Silk-épil 9-579. It’s a perfect All round Epilator as our research says.

Most of the reviews from the customers recommend buying this one, only if your pocket isn’t tight. It’s worth the price due to its several attachments and amazing features.!

Leave a comment for us in the comment section. As we all know, everyone learns from their mistakes and experience. So if you do have any experience with the above mentioned any Epilator, we would be honored if you give feedback about it.

We wish you the best of luck, and we hope you purchase the Best Epilator and make us proud by selecting the best!

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